COPE Seminar Series - Dr. Tequila Harris

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  • Thursday, September 20, 2012 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Molecular Science and Engineering Building Rm. 1201A

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Sharon Lawrence


"Scalability: Is Roll-to-Roll Processing the Solution?"

In emerging technologies, such as those in the energy sector and electronics industry, the ability to efficiently mass-produce thin film at a desirable rate and cost and of a desired quality is a major challenge.  In such fledgling fields, fabrication is primarily done in a laboratory using bench-top production lines, which do not necessarily scale to mass production lines. This discontinuity has prompted research to understand the feasibility of using traditional scalable manufacturing methods to produce thin film rapidly, with minimal waste, and optimal coating uniformity and quality. In this talk, we will explore various coating techniques and the mechanisms that control the quality of the coated film.  Specifically, an understanding of defect generation in coated thin film fabricated using roll-to-roll processes, especially slot die extrusion, will be elucidated.  The influence of such defects on system performance will be discussed, as it relates to polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells. Building upon this framework, preliminary results on the development and implementation of a novel hybrid technology that couples printing and extrusion technologies to continuously coat thin film in discrete and non-discrete patterns will be presented.

While the seminar is free, we do ask you to please RSVP here.  

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